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  • How far can we travel?
    Our territory is med sea; from spain to italy down to greece; including France, Corsica, Malta, etc..
  • How many people can we have on board?
    There are typically 3 types of charter rental: 1 - STANDARD TRAVEL CHARTER: Usually more than 2 days. You can be on board 8 passengers; as sleeping is 2 double bed and 4 single beds. In that case we can have up to 4 crew. 2 - DAY CHARTER: From 7AM to 11PM; we can have here 12 passengers and up to 3 crew 3 - DOCK EVENT For a lunch or dinner, the yacht do not go on navigation. We can be here a total of 30 people on board. Any yacht from 14 meters to 50+ meters are usually same 12 guests maximum on board.
  • Are smaller yachts cheaper?
    Yes of course; the smaller the yacht and the cheaper is. You can find 18 meters yachts for 2,000 euros per day, a 40 meters yacht is usually 20,000 per day. 30 meters usually is 7,000 euro per day. Most of cases the delivery of the vessel do no count into the charter time and when renting one week, the 7th day is free.
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